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With a comfortable 20 foot cabin and more than 300 square feet of outside deck space, the 10'x35' Catamaran Cruiser offers a very practical floorplan for those wanting more room than the 8' wide model.   With many of the same amentities as our 12' wide one and two bedroom models, the 10'x35' was recognized at the Louisville Houseboat Expo for its nicely equipped affordability.

1035 Display at Louisville Houseboat Expo

CLICK HERE to print a 1035 floorplan.

1035 Catamaran Cruiser Floorplan

10'x35' Catamaran Cruiser Photo Gallery.  Click on a photo to view an enlargement.

1035Photos/DSCN47212.JPG 1035Photos/customkitchen.JPG 1035Photos/DSCN4727.JPG 1035Photos/custom1035.JPG
1035Photos/DSCN3183.JPG 1035Photos/1035interiorwithgaselefridgeoption.JPG 1035Photos/loven1035_2.jpg 1035Photos/loven1035_1.jpg
1035Photos/l1035.jpg 1035Photos/bed1035.jpg 1035Photos/hall1035.jpg 1035Photos/galley1035.jpg
1035Photos/helm1035.jpg 1035Photos/show1035.jpg 1035Photos/1035.jpg

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