8'x22' Scat Cat

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Catamaran Cruisers introduces the 8'x22' Scat Cat. The Scat Cat is a smaller verison of the Party Cat Deck Boat and features our classic multi-chambered fiberglass hulls with deluxe seating.  This boat is great for getting into those tight secluded areas to anchor and enjoy the day! Call to order yours today for Fun & Excitement for the summer and YEARS TO COME!! 


Deluxe Seating


822ScatCat/8x22_Scat_Cat_2.JPG 822ScatCat/8x22_Scat_Cat_1.JPG 822ScatCat/DSCN2931.JPG 822ScatCat/DSCN2911.JPG
822ScatCat/onthewatershots7.jpg 822ScatCat/DSCN2958.JPG 822ScatCat/822ScatCat.jpg