8x31 Lil' Hobo Trailerable

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The newly designed 8'x31' Lil' Hobo trailerable is truly a model of efficiency.  Famous for its 2-for-1 value, it trailers as an RV to your favorite campsite and cruises equally well to a secluded cove for your next houseboat adventure.  For more than 25 years the Lil' Hobo continues as one of Catamaran Cruisers most popular models.

New 2012 Lil' Hobo

CLICK HERE to print a Lil' Hobo floorplan

831 Lil' Hobo Floorplan

8'x31' Lil' Hobo Photo Gallery.  Click on a photo to view an enlargement.

LilHoboPhotos/PIC0733.JPG LilHoboPhotos/LilHobocustomkitchen.JPG LilHoboPhotos/LilHobowithmoldedfrontrailsonthewater.JPG LilHoboPhotos/DSCN4595.JPG
LilHoboPhotos/custominterior.JPG LilHoboPhotos/3burnercooktopinLilHobo.JPG LilHoboPhotos/DSCN3388.JPG LilHoboPhotos/2012LilHobo027.jpg
LilHoboPhotos/2012LilHobo019.jpg LilHoboPhotos/SANY0658.JPG LilHoboPhotos/SANY0670.JPG LilHoboPhotos/DSCN3042.JPG
LilHoboPhotos/DSCN3040.JPG LilHoboPhotos/DSCN1999.JPG LilHoboPhotos/DSCN1994.JPG LilHoboPhotos/DSCN2006.JPG
LilHoboPhotos/DSCN2005.JPG LilHoboPhotos/DSCN2002.JPG LilHoboPhotos/DSCN2000.JPG LilHoboPhotos/DSCN2003.JPG
LilHoboPhotos/DSCN2001.JPG LilHoboPhotos/DSCN2007.JPG LilHoboPhotos/DSCN1997.JPG LilHoboPhotos/wat.jpg
LilHoboPhotos/water.jpg LilHoboPhotos/ws.jpg LilHoboPhotos/ALH.jpg LilHoboPhotos/LHK.jpg
LilHoboPhotos/LHB.jpg LilHoboPhotos/lh3.jpg LilHoboPhotos/31t.jpg LilHoboPhotos/31w.jpg
LilHoboPhotos/w31.jpg LilHoboPhotos/031.JPG LilHoboPhotos/31.jpg LilHoboPhotos/11.JPG