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Welcome to Cat Cruiser's Blog.  Click on the comments link below to leave a message or see what others are saying about their Catamaran Cruiser.  Be the first to know what's going on at Catamaran Cruisers.  Click on the XML link and subscribe for news to be automatically sent to you.   



Anyone looking for a great deal? Keep a watch on our current specials page.  At the moment we have 2 Lil' Hobo availible and can be finsihed for you!  These babies need homes :) Snagging one of these will save you $10,000 on a new Lil' Hobo but act fast once these 2 are gone so is the savings!!

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Catamaran Cottages
Have you heard about Catamaran's Cottages?  Tiny Homes are continuing to grow interest across the world.  We've been building Tiny Homes for over 33 years now, ours just float.  Our Tiny Home is also available as land based unit! Call us to see how this can work for you! 1-800-365-1255
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Boating Season
It's almost that time of the year again!  You know what were talking about, the fun days!  Spending the days & nights on the lake enjoying your awesome Catamaran!  If you don't have one yet, now is the time to call and have yours built and delivered!! Don't miss a single day! Give us a call 1-800-365-1255
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The Sequestration Boogie Man

The latest boogie man lurking in the economic shadows has proven to offer more of a meow than a roar.  In spite of all the sequestration talk, the economy continues to improve as the stock market rallys to record highs and consumer confidence grows.  There is no better time to order your new Catamaran Cruisers houseboat. 

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Spring is in the air!

Now is the time to get that new boat on order to ensure your delivery!!! Call to see what we can do to get you in your new boat in time to enjoy these upcoming seasons!!

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New Series
We have so many customers looking for alternative housing that we have developed a new line we call the Launch & Live Series.  This stationary boat is perfect for so many application.  Call for more details!!  1-800-365-1255
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The Pontoon Beast
We have constructed a new line of pontoon boats.  This pontoon boat is the perfect way to increase your rental income!  You have all the great features of our 8'x26 Party Cat with the spacous deck of our 12' beam.  More room to enjoy your day!  Call now to place your order.  1-800-365-1255 
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Fall is perfect for factory visits
Hard to believe but Labor Day is in the history book and the unofficial end to summer is here.  Now is a great time to visit the factory and make plans for spring delivery of that houseboat you have always wanted.  Schedule your money saving visit now.
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Save BIG during the Month of July

Be sure to look at our July specials.  Don't let the summer slip away without saving BIG on the purchase of your Catamaran Cruiser.  Call us today at 1-800-365-1255 to get details. 

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Just happy to be here!
Welcome to our new website!  Take a look around and be sure to visit our Specials Page for great July savings.  Customers continue to see owning a houseboat as an acheivable dream and just like Minnie Pearl, we are just happy to be here, offering the best value in houseboating today.
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