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For the ultimate in cruising, Catamaran Cruisers offers the spacious 14'x50' and 14'x58'. Either model will accommodate the largest family with room to spare.   Full size kitchen galley and residential baths will make you feel right at home.  Optional fiberglass stairs allow for fun in the sun topside on a full size one piece fiberglass deck!  Non skid fiberglass deck surfaces allow for fun and safety at the same time.  Catamaran Cruisers' 14' wides are comparably priced with other manufactures' smaller 10' models and 12' models.



CLICK HERE to print a 1450 floorplan

1450 Catamaran Cruiser Floorplan

CLICK HERE to print a 1458 floorplan

1458 Catamaran Cruiser Floorplan

Catamaran Cruiser 14' Wide Photo Gallery
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14WidePhotos/headedtoNY.jpg 14WidePhotos/PIC_1155a.JPG 14WidePhotos/FOT42D6a.jpg 14WidePhotos/DSC_0542.jpg
14WidePhotos/DSC_0539a.jpg 14WidePhotos/ShowBoat.jpg 14WidePhotos/PIC_1164a.JPG 14WidePhotos/PIC_1159a.JPG
14WidePhotos/14widereadytogo.JPG 14WidePhotos/bathroom.JPG 14WidePhotos/Flybridgefront.JPG 14WidePhotos/DSCN2552.JPG
14WidePhotos/DSCN2531.JPG 14WidePhotos/DSCN2511.JPG 14WidePhotos/14x50rearviewwithslideoption.JPG 14WidePhotos/14x50cabinetswithovenoption.JPG
14WidePhotos/14x50masterstateroom.JPG 14WidePhotos/DSCN2547a.JPG 14WidePhotos/14x50.JPG 14WidePhotos/cg.jpg
14WidePhotos/cjg.jpg 14WidePhotos/cvr.jpg